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SHEIVA | ITP BLOG » A Man, His Dog, His Glass Lobby Heartbreak
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A Man, His Dog, His Glass Lobby Heartbreak

Last week, I walked passed an all-glass lobby – a fishbowl – of a man and dog in the strangest frozen emotional position. I recorded it to investigate why. How did these two beings end up in this position, stuck, connected still by a far-off leash. And why did they end up in this position in a glass lobby, exposed to the world passing through and the world viewing in? I am still struck by its heartbreaking mystery.  See the video below.


  1. jimena wrote:

    I am especially drawn to the tension in the leash. It is pulled tight, as happens when dogs are running away from the owner, looking for freedom–when a constraint is needed by the master. Here the dog is in an apparently static, passive position, but there is this ongoing tension of not letting go.
    For me, there is without a doubt a connection between the dog and the man’s despair. It’s almost as if the anguish came from the animal, trough the leash. The link between the two is so restraining that it’s impossible to imagine his sadness coming from any other source.

  2. Ozzy wrote:

    is he having a seat someplace? maybe the dog likes the rug, you know how pet owners are, love spoiling their pets